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If it’s in my desk diary, it must be true: On the page saying Thursday 21 September the words PUBLICATION DAY!!! sit, writ large. (And in case I thought I might be in danger of forgetting, I’ve highlighted them in pink… )

It really is only a week away & it’s time to get a grip & do proper adding up. (One of the things I admire about Meredith in Snow Sisters is, she doesn’t do maths. She calls it ‘counting’ & quite right too.)

One week then & some relevant info on the right day instead of Sunday: the blog tour dates.

SS blog tour poster - full list

I have some lovely, amazing hosts lined up & feel genuinely blessed. More accolades need to fall on book reviewers & bloggers, like snowflakes in a snow storm. Millions of them, each one unique & perfect, not unlike the bloggers themselves. (I know – setting you up to be impossible but hey – own it!)

Reading that list makes me happier than I can say. All the hashtags, you lovely women!

#BookBloggersMatter #BookConnectorsRock #WeLoveBookBloggers #ReadersRock #BooksAreMagic