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In my previous post I mentioned a lack of writing. (Due to circumstances & so forth.) In the interim, time played nicely & I’ve upped my wordcount considerably. The proverbial light lurks at the end of the customary tunnel.

Smoke conjuring spells apart, I may have invoked the odd mirror too & there is no guarantee mess has been entirely averted.

I’m closer than ever to the end of draft zero. It’s still tangled & in order to turn it into a bona fide First Draft, considerable editing will need to be undertaken.

Draft zero is written in order for me translate what is in my head into what I think I want to say. Find out I have anything to say. Get the vision down, however random & unformed; try not to stray too far from the plan. Above all, keep writing. Words on the page while the muse is with me.

At all costs, resist my inner ‘edit as I go’ persona. She is wilful & bossy & likes her own way. Once I’m done I’ll do a paper edit & try to fathom how I really want to say it.

Onward & sideways.