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Island Life, Word Birds & Process #12

My writer friends are largely sprinters. Or so it seems to me. Not all of them, although the majority seem to race along, finishing whole drafts and editing them at rate that leaves me gasping. I am in awe but content to wander in their slipstream, safe in the knowledge that the end of this second draft is nicely nigh, and my final wordcount will be what I always imagined it to be.

I’m still beset by uncertainty. My ‘sister’ story is now imprinted on my heart. I love it, but I’m very aware of the similarities to Ghostbird. I’ve written about this before so I’ll leave it at that. Fingers crossed it’s different enough.

In other news – summer has done a runner, although it does mean I’m less likely to be tempted away from my edit.

I may catch up with those speedy sisters after all…