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Island Life, Word Birds & Process #28

On Facebook I’ve been boring the pants off people with photographs of the view from my aerie. The sky is never the same & some mornings too marvellous not to share: wide Welsh skies festooned with wonder.

Yesterday I attended a book fair in Llandeilo – a day of delights which I’ll expand on (in not too much detail – fear not) shortly. This morning, having slept late, I woke to this view which perfectly encapsulates why there are days when I truly feel as if I’m living on an island.


No sign of the hills, only that perfect hint of the rising sun & a sense that the trees hovering in the mist might at any moment disappear.

(As for the rest, the process is in stasis as I wait … the word birds do their best, nagging me each morning with whispered pencil songs for book three…)

The book fair was a joyous occasion, not least because in this part of Wales the book writing community is tight. Many of us know each other well; these events are a gathering of supportive friends & colleagues as much as anything. I shared space with two established Honno authors who made me feel like one of the gang, sold books to lovely people & did a reading from Ghostbird to a receptive audience.

As well as catching up with good people, what I appreciate about these affairs is the opportunity to talk about my work & to network. I was approached by someone to give a talk in the spring related to the myth of Blodeuwedd. Having discovered I genuinely enjoy ‘performing’ I’m chuffed to buttons to be asked.


After ten months as a published author, I’m finally beginning to feel as if I belong.