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Time flies when you’re excited… Here’s another small snippet from Snow Sisters for you…

Snow Sisters Cover final front only sm (1)

Rounding the edge of the building, I halt in my tracks.
   Close to the wall, a vast gunnera has taken root threatening to undermine the foundations of the house. Behind it, half hidden and jutting from the wall, the semi-circular, once elegant iron-framed conservatory – never in the best state of repair – is now covered in a green patina. Russian ivy creeps across the roof. Beneath an ornate porch, the rusting door stands slightly ajar. Through the filthy panes of glass, the shadow of more vegetation looms.
   There is a wild flapping as a bird hurtles through the gap in the door. Instinctively, I raise my hand. The bird knows its business and in a moment is gone.
   Behind me, rain begins to fall, the fine horizontal kind that soaks through to a person’s skin and leaves them shivering.
How very Welsh…


21 September 2017
From Honno, the Welsh Women’s Press