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Opening Mrs Woolf’s A Writer’s Diary the other morning, I spotted this.

‘I write here: and note that the authentic glow of finishing a book is on me.’

And, as occasionally happens, the blessed Virginia nudged me. I say ‘nudged’ rather than ‘I am filled with an irresistible urge to crack on poste-haste stopping for nothing less than food & sleep’, because it would be a fib. That said, with approximately a quarter of this reimagined, remoulded, ripped-apart-&-put-back-together-again manuscript left, it’s a no-brainer really.

Also me…

I love Book 5 a lot. Even with sleep & food breaks, I’m pretty confident if I sat down now & wrote every day for three months, I could conjure a passable first draft. On Wednesday then, after two days recovering from the wonder that was Narberth Book Fair, I opted for the stab-in-the-dark method of choosing & literally held my cursor over the documents (Book 4 next to Book 5) closed my eyes & clicked.

Book 4 then… Search for the glow & finish it.

Apropos aforementioned Book Fair, what larks we had last weekend! This, perhaps, is my favourite memory of the two-day event.

From (L) Janey Stevens, Janet Thomas, Me

And this one with the talented writing goddess that is Juliet Greenwood.

It was a delight to spend quality time with the fabulous Anne Williams from Book Connectors & Being Anne fame.

The fair was a triumph. As one of the organisers, albeit the person faffing about on social media, my thanks to everyone who participated. As an author, there were some very special moments, not least with the woman who bought a copy of Ghostbird last year & chose to wait a whole 12 months to buy Snow Sisters so she could get me to sign it in person! 

And I cannot speak too highly of the downtime Janey & I spent with Juliet. Bates Motel shenanigans notwithstanding, more larks were had! And Miss Phoebe came too.

Judith & Thorne’s decision to cease running the fair is one with which I have an immense sympathy. Having organised more than my share of events over many years I know how easy it is to hit burn-out. Far better to choose to step away before this happens.

Huge thanks to you both – dear, good friends & amazing women who put the fair on the map & gave so many authors a fantastic opportunity to promote & sell their books. We are indebted to you.

A couple of days to wind down & I’m back at work. The choice is made & I’m good to go. Possibly…