It is my pleasure to announce the forthcoming Honno Authors Book Fair 2022, scheduled to take place at The Queen’s Hall, Narberth, on Saturday 7 May.

Authors taking part are all published by Honno, the longest-standing, independent women’s press in the UK. Based in Aberystwyth in mid-Wales, Honno is a shining star in Welsh publishing circles. Honno authors were amongst the organisers of the original Tenby Book Fair. When it relocated to Narberth we continued to showcase a wide range of exceptional writing by women. We are delighted to be hosting this new venture as a collective, and hope those of you who have supported Honno at previous book fairs will come along, meet your favourite authors and perhaps discover some new ones.

Books are amongst the most precious things we can own. And book fairs are special events. They are about community and a shared love of story; a chance to browse at leisure and interact with the storytellers.

The past two years have been tough on authors; there is no substitute for physical book fairs and the presence of our readers. Sitting behind our stalls, watching you pick up our books, check out cover and blurb, read the opening page, is pure joy. Above all, we have missed interacting with you, the people who buy and read our books. Chatting about the process, the stories, getting to know you.

It’s been a long two years – too long. Over the following weeks I shall be featuring some of my sister Honno authors as they talk about what they have missed about book fairs. We can’t wait to welcome you back and invite you to the new Honno Book Fair! Watch this space for updates and details.