‘It is a delicious thing to write…’ *


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Island Life, Word Birds & Process

‘… to be no longer yourself but to move in an entire universe of your own creating.’

Thursday’s new moon slipped in under my radar. What with one book thing and another, I’ve been preoccupied & not kept up with Lady Lunar’s activity. I do love a new moon though – time to make a fresh plan (I’m an Aquarian – we love a plan.)

My latest one involves diligent routine & writing every day. With Snow Sisters safely out in the world it’s time to settle in & concentrate on the next book. This is a time of genuine renaissance for me. Inside my head the stories are piling up, begging to be written. I’m too motivated to do anything other than knuckle down, listen to my word birds & keep up.

There’s nothing on earth as creatively exciting as falling headlong into a new story. The same terror grips – can I do it again? I’m beset by the same moments of insecurity but I’m back in my favourite place: looking out on the changing, shifting Welsh sky. Book 3 unfolds in a muddle of randomness (my usual modus operandi.) My brave word birds refuse to be put off by the wild weather. Between us, we have another tale to tell.

This time I’m embracing the mantel of Welsh Gothic my editor generously & unexpectedly conferred on me at the launch for Snow Sisters. Set on the bleak Welsh hinterland, this story has a ghost no one can see, sisters who don’t know they are & a lady mechanic who is anything but a lady.

You’re welcome.


Gustave Flaubert


Blogger love & not being ‘impeded…’ *


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Island Life, Word Birds & Process

The other day, Anne Williams said to me that during the course of the blog tour for Snow Sisters, ‘…you’ve made many new friends…’  It certainly feels that way. The tour covered twenty dates, which is twice as many as I booked for my first novel, Ghostbird. From Anne herself, who kicked off the tour, to those who brought it to a close (& kept the momentum going – not the easiest of gigs), I have been utterly blessed. First & foremost by their professionalism & generosity. Book bloggers do this for nothing! And Book Connectors bloggers are the absolute best.

Oh my heart! You women took such care of my ‘sisters’ & I’m indebted to each & every one of you. I’ll never forget any of you, for your kindness, friendship & dazzling reviews.

Writing Snow Sisters was my second foray into the world of ghosts – a world tilting at the quirky with a dash of Welsh Gothic, attempting to place it in the mainstream. It’s unlikely I will – until English bookshops start stocking books published in Wales, with Welsh themes – mythological & modern – those of us who take our inspiration from this magical, gutsy, singular country will sit on the sidelines.

We’ll have our notebooks at the ready mind – pencils sharpened, alert to what comes next: writing, always writing. As for me, I’m already listening for my word birds, already in love with my new ghost.

* “I will not be “famous,” “great.” I will go on adventuring, changing, opening my mind and my eyes, refusing to be stamped and stereotyped. The thing is to free one’s self: to let it find its dimensions, not be impeded.”
~ Virginia Woolf

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Blog Tour – Day 20


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It’s a perfect Island Life day – you will have to take my word for it when I tell you, my crow is in her tree. It’s as if she senses it’s time to let go of SNOW SISTERS & crack on with book the third.

To my delight, at the last minute, Janet Emson at FROM FIRST PAGE TO LAST agreed to join the blog tour. She sent me a list of interesting questions, the final one of which is a brilliant way to wind up what has been a fantastic couple of weeks.

You can read our conversation here.

My crow has gone – it’s raining hard & the top branch of a birch tree isn’t the ideal spot, even for a crow with waterproof wings. She’s said her piece & I’m listening. I best get on – write the stories caught in the cracks…

There will be more at the weekend – I’m not entirely done with this tour: too many memories, too much kindness & too many amazing women I need to talk about…

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Blog Tour – Day 19


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This then is the penultimate stop on the SNOW SISTERS tour.

To be honest, I’d half forgotten this post & in saying this I mean no disrespect to Emma Mitchell over at THE LITTLE BOOKWORM. On the contrary – when she contacted me about the tour she sent a list of potential topics one of which I seized on with glee! Which writer wouldn’t relish the opportunity to discuss the creation process of a specific character? Not least when that character is, to say the least, complex.

I am indebted to Emma – you can read our conversation here.

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Blog Tour – Day 18


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My lovely blog tour hosts keep the smile on my face. On the blog tour for SNOW SISTERS today, this from LIZLOVESBOOKS:

‘…transporting and imaginative, the differing timelines all play into one another, thought provoking and engaging; you’ll be captured by it utterly…’

I’m running out of ways to express my gratitude to these amazing women. You can read Liz’s review in its entirety here.



Blog Tour – Day 17


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The blog tour for SNOW SISTERS is a fairly long – 20 dates in all. I have a huge admiration for the bloggers who bring up the tail so to speak. Assuming you like the book you’re reviewing, there are only so many ways to comment on the story; disclose how it unfolds & examine nuances, the writing & it’s style.

On Day 17 of the tour, KENDRA OLSON has written a succinct & perceptive review & I thank her for it.

Lovekin powerfully conveys the ways in which women and girls internalise their experiences until they become a part of their psychological make-up.”

You can read the rest of the review here.



Blog Tour – Day 16


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It is my pleasure to be hosted today by JAN BAYNHAM on her blog, Jan’s Journey Into writing. She invited me to write a guest post & has added a breathtakingly generous review of SNOW SISTERS.

 a superbly crafted novel, written in figurative language that often borders on poetry …
 … storytelling at its best, delivered in beautiful prose, by a very talented writer.”

You can read the guest post – Second Book Syndrome & Ghost Writing – & the rest of the review here.

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Blog Tour Day 15


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I’m running out of appropriate words to express my gratitude to the bloggers on the tour for SNOW SISTERS. On Alison Drew‘s blog today, another wonderful review my book.

“…There are no words to sufficiently describe the beauty of Carol Lovekin’s writing skills. She can weave a tale that lingers in your mind long after you have finished reading it…”

You can find the rest of the review here.

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Blog Tour – Day 14


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Another wonderful review for SNOW SISTERS – this one on the pretty website of JO LAMBERT.

“…Part of the power of Carol’s writing is that it’s so easy to suspend belief. And that is exactly what happened here. I became totally wrapped up in the events which took place.  A story so seamlessly woven into the main thread of the book that moving from past to present progressed in an uninterrupted flow…”

You can read the full review, plus an extract from the book, here.

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Blog Tour – Day 13


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Lucky for some…

I’m genuinely blown away by this review. On her blog, DRUID LIFE, Nimue Brown has conjured an honest, very perceptive & elegant review of SNOW SISTERS.

“…This is a book I will be reading again. It’s a book I want to put into the hands of other women who are grappling with family legacies. It’s certainly a book I want my son to read. It’s beautifully written, full of wisdom, compassion and a deep understanding of the human heart at its best and worst…”

You can read the full review here.

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