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If it’s Sunday, it must be ‘snippet’ day…


Verity opened her eyes with a start.
Slipping out of bed she opened the curtains on an unblemished landscape, a vast unbroken expanse of brilliant white. On the other side of the glass the sky split open like a pillow, white feathers falling through the air; an unexpected interlude as April played her most audacious trick. The branches of the trees were heavy with snow. Everything appeared twice its normal size. A pale sun washed the garden in a silent light.
She opened the window, dislodged the snow on the sill, watched as it thudded to the ground. A snowflake landed on her open palm. As it dissolved she imagined it under her skin; starlight in her veins.

SNOW 2 (3)

SNOW SISTERS ~ 21 September 2017
From Honno, the Welsh Women’s Press